Holler Crawlers ATV Club

June Holler Crawler Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2013

Meeting called to order 6 P.M., Fred Davis V.P. presiding.

May meeting minutes read binary trade option, Carl Buckles made motion to approve, Jim Helton second, all in favor.

Treasurer report given by Janet Jackson, Carl made motion to approve, Jim Helton second, all in favor.

Discussed upcoming Mace/Davis benefit ride. It was decided tp purchase T-shirts to sell as well as having donation buckets available.

Jim Helton made the motion, Janet Jackson second, all in favor.

Fred Davis made the motion to adjourn, Sis Hoskins second, all in favor.

Missing person found

The man was found and binary options trading platform is Ok. Thanks to all who helped with this!


Benefit Ride for Mace Children June 29

The Holler Crawlers Club will hold a benefit ride on June 29, 2013.  One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the Mace Children Scholarship Fund @ First State Bank in Pineville Ky. The ride will begin from Marty’s ATV Oasis at 10 a.m. and end with an evening cookout. Please plan to attend and help out these children who lost their parents this spring in a tragedy.

June 8 Prayer Ride

Gary L Lawson will be hosting a Prayer Ride June 8 2013
“June 8th 2013 will be the 1st ever ATV group prayer ride.  This is how it will go.  At each stop a person will lead a short prayer of thanksgiving or petition, or remembrance, or just what ever.  I have hope that our local pastors will see this and spread the word.  No one will be put on the spot.  I hope to make enough stops to allow each person who wants to lead a prayer to do so.  Please come no matter your faith.  This is not a Baptist ride or a Church of God ride.  So, if you are Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal, or non denomination, just come on.  Matter of fact, if you have no church affiliation or even atheist please consider yourself invited too. You will be welcomed.  This ride will start and end at Sam Low Pond.  This ride will be about 60 miles in length and 8-10 hours.  We …will ride at an average to fast pace binary trading platform.  Most of the area to be covered will be medium to extreme riding.  Please do not bring alcohol on this ride. We will politely ask you to find another group.  If you want to drink, save it till you get back.  In case of bad weather, the ride will happen at a latter date.  We normally look at weather on the Thursday before a ride.
Ride will begin at 9a.m. Be sure to be on time.  My rides almost always begin and end on time.”

Holler Crawler April Meeting Minutes

Bell County Holler Crawlers

Monthly Meeting Minutes – 4/9/2013

Meeting called to order by Martin Stephan @ 6:02 p.m.

March Meeting minutes read and approved, motion by Karl Buckles, second by Bob Whited. All in favor.

P.O. box rent due. Motion to be paid fro one year by Numan Hoskins, cecond by Fred Davis. All in favor.

Storage unit report by Karl Buckles. Discussion whether to rent or purchase. Discussed several options and costs. Discussion ended, topic to continue next month. karl is to report back next meeting.

Report on 401c3 status by Ron Presnell, getting closer to finalize. Ron Presnell was to meet with Janet Jackson fro additional info.

Treasurer report given, recieved and approved.

Jim Helton made motion to adjourn, Ron Presnell second, adjourned meeting @ 6:50 p.m.

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