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New President, blog, trail info…

Folks I forgot to mention that at our last club meeting we had elections, and Ron Rose was elected new President to the Holler Crawlers. Ron has been a very active member since day one and will do a great job in helping take the clubs to new heights!

From now on, if you need information on the club, it’s events, guides, work days, rides, etc…you can contact Ron at ronrose1948@att.net

If you need information about anything concerning the park, contact my email at jongrace@bcje.comand I’ll be happy to help.

Also, we elected a new club secretary in Dianne Collins. Dianne is another person that has been there since day one and has always been extremely active in the club. We appreciate her service to the club and I know she’ll do a great job as well.

Want to take a second and thank everyone whose helped out over the last several weeks in clearing trails that were blocked on the park. It was a real mess after the snow storm in late Decemeber and without everyones help, we would be much farther behind. It looks like through everyones help we will have everything back to normal before the warm weather stays. Volunteer work is one of the main things that keeps this park free, so again I really appreciate everyones help.

For a list of trails that are open and trails that need cleared, click here

Also we may have to temporarily close the Lighthouse loop (25) due to logging. I’ve been told that at best it could be closed only for a month and probably up to three at worst. Should have some more info tomorrow.

I also want to take this time to say THANK YOU to every single member of the Holler Crawlers. When I look back and think about all the great things this club has accomplished in a relatively short amount of time, it never ceases to amaze me. From finding land for an ATV park, to finding grant money for it, having members pour blood, sweat, and tears into making it nationally recognized…then getting our name in magazines and finally then get a show on the biggest ATV show in the country…Wow. Everyone needs to pat themselves on their back for helping in making all this happen. I’m very excited to see what the club will be doing in 2010.

Also, we have a new blog entry up about an important adventure tourism project here in Bell County. To check it out, click the satellite wave image farthest from the word “Connect” on the right hand side of the main page.

Hope everyone is well! Don’t forget that if you’ve not paid dues and would like to join the club, just click the “info” link at the top followed by the membership application link.

Take care and we will see you on the trails.

Fishers ATV World – Bell County episode!

Did you miss the episode of Fishers ATV World featuring Bell County? Good news!

You can order the episode featuring Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park and the Holler Crawlers by clicking the link below! It’s just $10! And the best news…We’ve recieved word that it is their TOP SELLING EPISODE of 2009! How cool is that?

The more of these we can help them sell, the more it may help convince Brian and Crew to come back down here sooner! So please go order a copy so you can watch it anytime you want!


Thanks guys!!!!

Park work days this Weds, Thurs, Fri (Jan 13-15)

Hey everyone.

Wanted to let everyone know that since its supposed to warm up significantly starting tomorrow (Weds the 13th), there will most likely be club members on the park attending to various needs like clearing trails and possibly helping finish our campsite.

If you are able and would like to come any of these days, we will be parking in the Colmar parking lot somewhere around 10 AM. I will not be able to be there Wednesday due to a meeting but will be there Thursday and Friday…which are supposed to be 55 degrees each day.

We could use all the help we can get so if you’re available and can run a chainsaw or help move debris, we would really appreciate the help.

If you need more info, just click HERE to visit our forum thread dedicated to this topic.


January meeting tomorrow!

Folks don’t forget that our January club meeting is tomorrow. It is the most important meeting of the year because we will hold club elections. So if you would like to run for any position or let your voice be heard, please come out! Here is the info:

Place: 3rd Floor of old Pineville Courthouse – Pineville, KY
Time: 6:00 PM
Agenda: Club elections and club outlook for 2010

Hope to see everyone out! Thanks!

Campsites and rentals…

Hope everyone is inside and warm…southeast Kentucky in January has started off very cold. Heck I even let my old bird dog come inside and claim a spot on the couch tonight…

Wanted to let folks know that theres a guy in Pathfork on Mill Creek Road (just a few miles from the park) on Hwy 72 that has several campsites with electic, water, and a dumpstation as well. There are currently 13 sites and he said he can expand to 20 if need be. For information on the campsite contact Nathanial Howard at 606-273-5913.

Also, I hope to have news very soon about a possible rental house near Colmar that has a trail that leads directly into the park, right at the Mud Bowl! As soon as I hear anything new I will let everyone know.

Take care!

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