Holler Crawlers ATV Club

Merchandise sale

Also wanted to let everyone know that in order to get some new club shirt designs, we are having a sale on all our merchandise. We will selling shirts @ $9.00, caps @ $7.00, and hoodies @ $20.00. So if you’re wanting to get some of the original designs before they go (because we will sell out pretty quick with a sportsmans show and the Mountain Laurel Festival this spring), just shoot an email over to hollercrawlers@hotmail.com and let us know what you’d like.

These prices are just to clear out what we have left, which isnt a lot, so these prices are only good on this remaining order. Look for some new shirt designs and some other merchandise coming soon!

Rental house with direct park access coming soon.

Guys and gals I talked to Donna Tate the other day who has a house in Colmar. She said her and her husband were on vacation and soon after they got back, they would make the house available for rent. The house is furnished already I believe and Ill be going up there next week to get more info. But the best news is that it has direct trail access to WTOP and actually will add a few miles up a holler and come up right near the Mudbowl and trail 37….I’ve walked it before, its a good trail. Will keep everyone posted.

New Vice President!

Folks the Holler Crawlers have a newly elected Vice President in Tom Winkler. Tom has been with the club since day 1 and I know he will do a terrific job in helping the club move in the right direction!

Club meeting tomorrow night…

There will be a club meeting tomorrow at 6PM at the old Courthouse in Pineville on the 3rd floor. Please come if you can as we need to elect a new VP.

Hope to see you there! Contact Ron Rose at ronrose1948@att.net for information!

2010 Event Schedule is up!

Howdy folks, wanted to let everyone know that our 2010 Event Schedule is up. Just click the link labeled ‘events’ and it will take you to all the details about upcoming rides. Keep checking back pretty regular due to the fact that a new ride could be added or one could delayed or cancelled, or new details may come.

Our first ride up is our 2nd Annual Ride for Babies which will be a benefit ride for the March of Dimes Foundation. There is no minimum donation, we just ask that people give what they can. Please come out, enjoy what we hope is a great spring day in southeast Kentucky, and help support a great cause. Hope to see ya’ll on the trails soon…

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