Holler Crawlers ATV Club

First event is coming up!

Hey everyone! Remember that our first ride of the year, the 2nd Annual Ride for Babies is coming up on Saturday, April 10th! In this ride we will be helping to raise money for the March of Dimes Foundation, so please come out and donate whatever you are able to for this great cause.

We would appreciate your help in helping promote our rides. Below are two fliers that you can download in Microsoft Word format to help us advertise. The first one is our 2010 Event Flier, the second is the flier specifically for the Ride for Babies on April 10th. Thanks to all our Holler Crawlers out there! Please help us spread the word!

2010 Event Flier:

2nd Annual Ride For Babies Flier:

C&T Rentals

There is a new house for rent in the community of Miracle that has direct trail access to Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park.

Please visit the link below for pics and contact information:

Events are up!

Wanted to let everyone know (in case you havent checked the forum) that our event schedule is up! Just click the events link at the top and you can check out the 4 official club events we plan on doing, starting with our first ride April 11th as our 2nd annual Ride for Babies, which benefit ride for the March of Dimes Foundation. There is no minimum donation, we just ask that everyone give whatever they can. Hope to see you on the trails at one of our events in 2010!

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