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Haunted Forest Ride Info!

Better bring a fresh pair of britches!

We hope that you and yours can plan spending the Saturday before Halloween getting your pants scared off down here in Bell County, KY!

The 2nd Annual Haunted Forest Ride will start shortly before sundown (exact time to be announced soon) and begin on the Bridge to Nowhere on Highway 119 just east of Pineville, KY on Saturday, October 23rd. There is a rain delay date of Saturday, Oct 30th in the case of severe and heavy storms (which is unlikely during this time of the year, but just in case!). This year we plan on doing the ride much bigger and better than last year. We got quite a few compliments on the ride last year, and this year we have a larger budget and hopefully many more volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer for this event, just drop an email (hollercrawlers@hotmail.com) and let us know. If you’d like for you and your friends to set up a section of trail to decorate and have your own segment of the Haunted Trail, our event planning committee would be glad to hear your ideas and get you involved. We are even thinking of making a contest and giving some prizes of some sort out to the winning group who designs the best scene on the trail.

Also we can always use people to help direct traffic, set up decorations, and make props for the trail as well. If you can help in these areas, it will help us accommodate everyone. Last year in our first annual ride we had over 300 riders check the Haunted Forest out and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Well this year will be much bigger and better and we hope to draw double what we did last year. In order to do this we really need folks to chip in and help make this an event to remember and something that draws a lot of folks to our county. So again – your help is greatly appreciated.

This year there will also be a few guided tours earlier in the day. Late October in Bell County is usually a great time for fall weather enthusiasts to get out and get some great pictures of the changing leaves, and riders will have some spectacular fall color views with the Cumberland Mountain right before them. The club will also have free maps to hand out earlier in the day to anyone who wants to ride some trails on their own before the Haunted Trail opens.

We also plan on again having a bonfire and some food afterwards. We will probably roast and cook hot dogs and have marsh mellows and hot chocolate for everyone as well…it will be a great time for the whole family.

The biggest news of the event will be that we will be drawing for an ATV and Prize Raffle during the ride! The Holler Crawlers are joining forces with the Pineville Rotary club to give away a new 2009 Honda 420 Rancher FI 4WD and a 6’16′ dual axle trailer to go along with it! Second place will get a new 2009 70CC Honda dirt bike! Third place is a 3000 lb winch, and 4th place is a nice ATV hard storage box for your bike! Some pretty sweet prizes if I do say so myself. Tickets for the prize drawings are only $25. They are going really fast and are in limited supply, so get yours fast! There is no entry fee for the Haunted Forest Ride, just as all our other rides (minus benefit rides and even then there are no set amounts for donation), but to enter the prize giveaway, the tickets are $25. There is no entry fee to ride on the ATV Park either, so just look at this as spending a portion of what you’d normally pay to ride somewhere, but in this case you could walk away with a brand new ATV and 16′ trailer or some other awesome prizes!

For tickets and info on the raffle, call Curt at 606-499-5715 or Jon at 606-499-0567. You can also email us at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com for more information on the ride and raffle as well. Again, I want to stress to get your tickets soon because we are selling them pretty quickly and there is a limited supply.

If you would like to see a video from last years ride, check out the link below!

To be honest…this year will be much scarier. Might be a good idea to bring a change of britches to this one…

Again for more info, check out www.hollercrawlers.com or email us at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com

Hope to see everyone there!


Huge ATV Raffle at this years Haunted Forest Ride!

Folks the Holler Crawlers are joining forces with the Pineville Rotary Club in order to have a unreal good raffle drawing at this years Haunted Forest Ride. Not only is this years Haunted Forest Ride going to be much bigger and better than last years ride, we will be hosting a huge raffle in which we will give away a Honda 420 FI 4×4 Rancher and a brand new dual axle 16′ trailer, but we will also be having three other prizes of a new Honda 70cc Dirt Bike, a 3000 lb winch, and a very nice ATV storage box!

Check the flier below and email hollercrawlers@hotmail.com for more info or call 606-499-5715. Folks tickets are just $25 and I can tell you they won’t last long, we have a limited amount. So come up and enjoy a great evening in the haunted woods of Bell County and have a chance to win some AMAZING prizes!

For more info, click the flier below!

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