Holler Crawlers ATV Club

Great meeting

Holler Crawler Officers
Pictured above are the the officers of the Holler Crawler Off-Road Club. Top left to right: President Tommy Winkler and Vice President Marty Stephan. Bottom left to right: Treasurer Dinah Presnell and Carol Wilburn.

We had a great meeting last night and got a lot of things accomplished, including the election of 2 new officers. Our club has gone through some changes lately with some members stepping back and others stepping up. As President Tommy Winkler said “We’ve accomplished too much to let a little adversity get the best of us” and everyone agreed whole heartedly.

At the meeting, Dianah Presnell was voted into the Treasurers role and Marty Stephan of Martys ATV Oasis was voted in the role of Vice President. Both have been extremely active in the club and will do excellent jobs. The Holler Crawlers aren’t going anywhere and are very excited about the upcoming Haunted Forest Ride in October. Several members spoke about the details of the ride and everyone left the meeting with a sense that this can be our biggest and best ride yet.

Our next club meeting is Tuesday, August 10th, on the 3rd floor of the old Pineville Courthouse at 6PM. We hope you will be able to come!

Haunted Forest Ride info updated

Howdy folks, wanted to let everyone know that we have updated the information for the 2nd Annual Holler Crawler Haunted Forest Ride. Info on the ride is available by clicking the EVENTS link and scrolling down towards the bottom of the page. We will still be updating it with more info as it comes, but for the most part its complete. If you need any more info or have any questions, email us at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com

PS…If you want to get a ticket for the big ATV and prize raffle – you may want to do it soon. They are in limited supply and are going quick. Email us at the same email as above for more info on raffle tickets. Info is also included in the info about the Haunted Forest Ride in the EVENTS link.

Special Called Meeting – July 27th

After talking with some of the members of the club, a few of us decided it would be a good idea to call a special club meeting on the evening of Tuesday, July 27th.

The meeting will be at 6PM at the old Pineville courthouse in Pineville, Ky.

We have several items that need to be voted on. We will also be discussing board and officer positions as well as the Haunted Forest ride.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could make the meeting and help us with these very important issues. For our club to continue to be a success, we need as much community involvement as we can get. Your presence is needed and will be appreciated.

If you have any questions, just shoot us an email at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com

Meeting tonight at Colmar parking area!

Folks our monthly club meeting will be tonight at the Beaver Pond Shelter near the Colmar parking area of Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park instead of this Tuesday at the Pineville courthouse. New President Tommy Winkler will be addressing several important club issues including positions that the club needs filled and the Haunted Forest Ride.

After the meeting we will go on a night ride which I think everyone will really enjoy! Everyone is welcome to attend and we hope to see some new faces!

For more info email us at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com

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