Holler Crawlers ATV Club

ATV Magazine to do article on Holler Crawlers and Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park!!!

Folks we have some very exciting news to bring to everyone!

A writer from ATV Magazine is currently in Bell County and will be doing a feature article on the Holler Crawlers and the ATV park for an upcoming issue!

We will be holding a photoshoot at the park this upcoming Monday (August 9th). We want everyone to be at the Colmar parking area at 6:00 PM and then we will go to a few places nearby on the park to get some photos for the article.

Please come whether you are a club member or not, as we want to show the world how strong ATV riding in Bell County really is! We hope to get some shots of folks in the Mud Bowl and hopefully a big group shot at the 3 Ponds Overlook towards sunset. The photoshoot will last til around sundown.

This is publicity that we really need to get the word out and its coming just in time to let folks know about the Haunted Forest Ride this October! Please come out and you will probably find your picture somewhere in an upcoming issue of ATV Magazine!

I want to personally thank ATV Magazine for coming out and doing this article! This can be a great thing for our club and will definately open a lot of doors for us. Hope to see everyone Monday evening! For more info or directions email us at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com or call Jon at 606-499-0567.

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