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Haunted Forest Ride Pics!!!

Hey everyone, wanted to thank all ya’ll who came out and made our 2nd Annual Haunted Forest Ride the best event we have had yet! We estimate we had close to 1,500 folks on the park that day which is a great thing. I hope everyone had a good time and I want to thank everyone that was involved in making this ride a success!

If you’d like to check out some pictures, click here or go to the MEDIA link above and click pictures.

Thanks again everyone and we can’t wait til next year!!!

More pics and a video coming soon!

Haunted Forest Ride notes and updates…

Hey everyone, wanted to post a couple of notes about the upcoming Haunted Forest Ride that may be helpful to ya’ll!

First off, there will be a short guided ride at 11 AM the morning of the Haunted Forest Ride. We will be doing about a 3-4 hour off park ride that will be medium level with a couple of challenging rocky sections. Nothing too bad though and nothing we can’t spot someone on who isn’t comfortable with. Our destination will be one of the most beautiful places in Bell County and you can email me at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com or call me at 606-499-0567 for more info on the ride.

A tip on parking: Parking will be past the Hwy 119 Trailhead Bridge all the way up to the event area, where more parking will be available. If parking on the side of the road past the bridge, it would be a good idea to turn around and face the bridge and Hwy 119 in order to make it easier to get out. We encourage all folks to do this who are parking on the road.

I’ve had questions about what time the trail closes. It’s hard to say exactly, but probably around midnight. It definitely will not be open any later than midnight. There will be a bonfire made that night at some point where folks can gather for as long as they’d like, but the trail itself will be closed around midnight. Last year we had folks come up super-late to the trail after it was closed and were disappointed, so don’t wait until 11PM to get on the mountain or you may miss the trail.

I’ve had a lot of folks ask me about Jeeps and trucks on the Haunted Trail. Here is the way I think we are going to do this, for safety reasons. Jeep and trucks should be able to go on the Haunted Trail. I know Jeeps went through it last year and possibly even a truck or two as well. It’s a little narrow in spots so a big truck will probably not be able to go on it. We are going to set it up to where Jeeps and trucks go through in groups on their own separate from ATVs and side x sides. We won’t have it to where Jeeps and trucks will be mixed in with a group of ATVs and side x sides because that could present a safety hazard is a four-wheeler in front of a truck stops for some reason and the driver of the truck didn’t see it in time. We will probably have it to where a group of Jeeps/trucks can go through close to when the trail opens, once in the middle around 9-10 PM, and once near when the trail will close around midnight.

Concerning raffle tickets – we still have raffle tickets and will have them up until right before the drawing (until 5:30 PM or so – drawing is at 6:00 PM). They will be found in the tents set up in the event area. The event is completely free to enter, however if you would like a raffle ticket for the ATV and prize drawing, they are only $25. Somebody’s going to win a new 2009 Honda 420 Rancher 4WD EFI and a 16’x6’ dual axle trailer – it very well could be you! Folks do not need to be present to win in the drawing but we hope that the winners are in the crowd!

We will also have some limited edition event t-shirts at the event that will have the Vampire ATV logo on the front of it and our sponsors on the back. If we have a big turn out like we are hoping, these shirts will go real fast, so if you wanted to get a shirt, make sure to do it early near when the event starts.

Just a reminder for everyone, but here’s an over-view of all that’s going on for the ride.

11:00 AM – Guided ride lasting 3-4 hours. Medium to challenging level
5:00 PM – Riders wanting to be there for food, photo shoot, and raffle drawing should show up. Food and possibly music will begin around 5
5:30 PM – Photo shoot for upcoming article in Dirt Wheels. Riders should be at the event area by this time, where we will take a group picture of everyone and the event.
6:00 PM – ATV and Prize raffle drawing. For more info on tickets and prizes, go to www.hollercrawlers.com and click on Events.
Dusk: Haunted Trail will open. Around this time of the year this should be around 7:30 or so.
* Maps will be handed out and available all day for those wanting to come early and do a little trail riding before the Haunted Trail opens.

Just one more week folks! We’re expecting a great turn out and hope to see everyone there!

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