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New officers and merchandise update…

Hey everyone! Wanted to let everyone know that we have some new officers that are going to lead our club in the coming year. We’re happy to announce Marty Stephan was elected as Club President and Larry Sawyers as our new Vice President. Dinah Presnell was elected again to Treasurer, and Carol Wilburn was relelected as Secretary. We want to thank all our officers for leading our club we are really excited to see where we can go in 2011. Congrats to all officers, we know you will do an excellent job!

We’ve had several inquiries about merchandise. We are in the process of placing an order and hope to have new shirt designs and hat designs coming soon. If you want to go ahead and place an order, just email us at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com with what you’d like.

Thanks and hope everyone is enjoying the trails with the great weather we’ve been having!

Club ride at Royal Blue – April 9th

The Holler Crawlers will be riding down the road at Royal Blue on Saturday, April 9th.

Time and meeting place will be announced soon. Hope you can come.

For latest information, click the link below to go to our forum thread about it.


Important club meeting tomorrow!

Don’t forget folks, there is a club meeting and we have a lot to go over, so we could really use all local Holler Crawler members to be there!

Its Tuesday, February 8th, 6:00 PM, 3rd floor of old Pineville Courthouse in Pineville, KY.Hope to see you there!

Club elections and meeting info, upcoming guided ride, Haunted Forest Ride, and more!!!

Howdy everyone! Wanted to touch base with everyone on a few topics…

First and foremost, the next club meeting is next Tuesday, February 8th at 6:00 PM at the old Pineville courthouse and we need everyone to attend because its time for elections. Our club has always had a strong core but if we could get a few more diehard members to join us and really get involved in the club, we could accomplish so much more. This club has big things lined up this year including one MAJOR event and we really need everyone’s help to pull it off! If you’d like to come and nominate yourself or someone you know for a position, we’d love to have you. The club can always use new faces to keep things fresh and moving in the right direction, and we hope that more of you local folks can come out and help us make things even better for 2011.

Also, on a related note, membership dues are due for folks who want to renew. Remember, our club is non-profit and all membership dues go to helping club events, buying merchandise, and park upkeep. There’s no person making any money off this club…all dues go to support our club and keep it functioning. Joining the Holler Crawlers helps in keeping our events free and keeping our riding area free, so if you are able to become a member, we would surely appreciate it. Membership dues are $15 for an individual, $25 for a family, and $5 if you are active duty military or a veteran. To download an application and get the clubs mailing address where you can mail in your check or money order, go to http://hollercrawlers.com/club-information/ or send me an email back and I will help you out. We really appreciate all our members…couldn’t do it without them!

On another club related thing, we are getting ready to order new club merchandise. Its looking like we will have not one but two new shirt designs for 2011 and each design will come in two different colors (looking like blue and pink in one design and black and white in the other). If you are a Holler Crawler member, you can go to www.hollercrawlers.com and click on FORUM, then log-in and go to the Members-Only forum to check these new designs out. As soon as we have everything finalized we will let everyone know so you can get your brand new Holler Crawler gear and rep it with pride on a trail near you!

You may have heard us mention that our club and park will have an article in an upcoming issue of Dirt Wheels Magazine, the biggest ATV magazine in the world. The Dirt Wheels article, from what I have been told, will most likely be in either in the April or May issue. So make sure you keep an eye out for it!

If anyone would like to ride this Saturday, February 5th, the good folks at Marty’s ATV Oasis are hosting a free guided ride. It leaves at 11 AM from Marty’s place. You can visit www.martysatv.com for more information. Marty and his crew are great people and know the local trails really well. If you’ve not rode with them yet, you should try to make this ride! A small chance of rain, but its not supposed to be super cold. One misconception here is that we have winters that make it too harsh to ride. In reality, most days are in the 40s and we have quite a few in the 50s and every now and then it will even hit 60 in the winter. Plus in the winter, the dust is non-existent, which in-and-of-itself is a blessing. Personally I would rather ride in the winter than summer any day!

People have been asking me a lot about our events this year, and so far it seems what the club will do is to host the Holler Crawler Haunted Forest Ride on October 22nd as the only big event, and host smaller club trail rides throughout the year. The reason being is that guided club rides are usually smaller and don’t take a lot of effort to plan. The Haunted Forest Ride, on the other hand, is going to be a huge event this year and it is going to take a lot of planning and hard work for the club to put it together. The club is planning a ride or two for this spring, one of which we will travel for the first time since we went to Evarts a few years ago. We discussed going to Royal Blue this spring because its close and some of our members say it’s amazing. And we’re also planning a group ride here in Bell County either shortly before or after. We will probably set the dates for these club spring rides at the next meeting and will post them on the website shortly after. Anyone is free to come, member or not, but we hope if you attend and enjoy the club that you will join if you haven’t already.

Getting back to the Haunted Forest Ride…like I said, this year is looking to be HUGE. It will take place on Saturday, October 22nd, and let’s just say we have some great surprises and some super special guests lined up for it. We’re going to need every member to step up and help us however they can. This is looking to be by far the biggest event we have ever done and we have got to have help from everyone available in order for it to be a success. That means if you live close, we need you to start coming to the meetings. If you’re not local but still want to help, just keep in contact with us via our forum on www.hollercrawlers.com and stay up to date on what is going on. As a special treat for club members, there is some top-secret info available in the Members Only forum where you can learn about the latest happenings concerning the ride before they become available to the general public!

I know that I have wrote a book, so let me end by saying that I appreciate everyone who has ever helped our club and I really hope you can again help us in some way in 2011. We have a big year lined up and we definitely need everyone’s help in order for it to be a success. Remember, next meeting is this upcoming Tuesday, February 8th, at 6:00 PM on the 3rd floor of the old Pineville Courthouse. We will hold elections and talk about the Haunted Forest Ride, other rides, and the merchandise order. If you can make it, we’d love to see you there. Remember you don’t have to be a member to come to our meetings!

We in the Holler Crawlers are trying to make a positive impact on Bell County and the tri-state area. To be successful, we need your help.
I hope everyone is well! See you on the trails and hopefully at next Tuesdays meeting!!!


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