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Forum down…

Hey folks, looks like SimpleMachine (who we had our forum through) is completely down. We are currently looking into getting a new forum. Will have to get folks to reregister it looks like. Sorry for the inconvience. If you have facebook, its a good way to stay in touch.


Can you survive?

Updated Event Page

Hey folks, I have updated the events page and we have a much more detailed event schedule for this years Haunted Forest Ride. Check it out!

Also if you have facebook, go to www.facebook.com/hollercrawlers and click on EVENTS to RSVP for the ride and see what others are saying about it!

Trail work next Monday and Tuesday, commercial filmed on Wednesday at Event Area

Hey everyone, wanted to let you know a few of us will be going to the Haunted Trail area this Monday (Labor Day) Sept 5 and also Tuesday September 6. We will be doing some work on both the Haunted Trail and Event Area in preparation for the Haunted Forest Ride. If youre free either day and would like to come lend a hand, we would greatly appreciate it!

Also, on Wednesday Sept 7, the folks from the cable company will be on the park to film a commercial to promote the Haunted Forest Ride! We will be showing the commericial in the east TN and possibly southwest Virginia area to help promote the ride to folks in those areas. We will be decorating a small scene and hope to have people dressed up as well. If youd like to come dressed up to be in the commericial please meet us at the Hwy 119 entrance at 11:30 AM on Wednesday morning.

Thanks and hope to see everyone next week!

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