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March 31 Ride…Meeting time change

We will now meet at the McDonalds/Kroger on Hwy 25E in Middlesboro at 8 AM, not 9 as originally planned.

See below post for info.

Who is ready to ride?! Saturday March 31st

We got an 80 mile off parker on the calendar that you won’t wanna miss!!!

Jon will be guiding this one. Will meet at McDonalds in Middlesboro on Hwy 25E at 8 AM. It’s looking to be a good one…an 80 miler with ALL KINDS of trails, old gravel railroad beds, rocky wooded trails, and even the Creek Trail! Also some killer overlooks, a sand cave, and a natural rock bridge are on this trip! We will stop for gas and food once but it’s best to bring extra if you can just in case. Make sure your bike is in working condition! Also, since this is an 80 miler, some of this ride will be done at a quicker pace, so make sure you can do at least 30 MPH if needed and keep up with group. Theres a few challenging spots also. We wont be back til around dark, so make sure to bring a jacket as well in case it turns chilly.

Also, we have a group from Southeast Community College that will be doing interviews with us at McDonalds before we take off. They are doing a project on the preservation of Appalachian culture and want to focus on the club as a part of it. I think its an honor to be considered for something like this. They will be wanting to interview some folks before we take off on the ride, so lets have a big turn out and show them how we do!

Forecast as of today is calling for 68 and sunny…you can’t beat that!!!

Everyone is welcome to come, member or not!

Meeting tonight, everyone welcome!

Our club meeting is set for tonight at 6PM at the second floor of the old Pineville Courthouse in Pineville, KY at 6 PM.

We have a lot to discuss and need everyone there!

Guided ride this Saturday…everyone welcome!

Howdy everyone!

Reminder there is a guided ride this Saturday, March 3.
We will be meeting at Dairy Queen in Pineville, KY on Hwy 25E (aka Robert Maddon Bypass) at 9:00 AM. We will eat breakfast together, then leave at 9:30 AM.

We will trailer to the parking spot, then the ride itself will be 60 miles or so. We will be stopping for gas and lunch during the ride. There will be varying degrees of difficulty from easy to slightly challenging.

The weather is looking to be cloudy (with a VERY small chance of light rain in the early morning) and 52 degrees of a high. Looking to be a great day on the trail, everyone is welcome to join us. You don’t have to be a member and it’s completely free.

For more info email hollercrawlers@hotmail.com

Hope to see some new faces there!


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