Holler Crawlers ATV Club

Park Clean Up and Trail Clearing Day this weekend

There will be some Holler Crawlers on the park this Saturday and Sunday (April 14 and 15) to pick up trash and help clear some trails. If you are available to help, we would greatly appreciate it. We will be meeting at the Sam Low Pond Campground at noon each day. For more information, call Larry at 606-862-2617. Thanks!

Check this event out…PWD Off-Road Spring Bash

Our trail riding friends at PWD Off-Road; based out of Ohio, will be holding their Spring Bash at Royal Blue April 12-15. The event is sponsored by Lucas Oil and is designed to help spread awareness for Autism.

The event will feature a raffle, trail rides from the Royal Blue Rangers, live music, and a vendor area just to name a few. But more importantly, it will help raise autism awareness in an off-road setting and educate people on this condition.

For more information, please visit www.pwdoffroad.org

Camping on the park this weekend…

Howdy folks, a few club members will be camping on Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park this Friday night (April 6) at the new Sam Low Pond Campground and going riding Saturday morning. Anyones welcome to join in.

If youre interested call our President, Larry Sawyers, at 606-862-2617 or email hollercrawlers@hotmail.com

If you haven’t seen the new campground, check the video below out!

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