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Notes about this Saturdays rides

Video below is some scenes of the 90 miler that we did earlier this year…

The weather is still looking great at 62 and sunny. But remember we’ll be leaving in the morning and getting back after dark on the 90 miler. The low is around 40 so have warmer clothes that you can peel off if needed. Just a heads up!

Also, one general rule of thumb when riding in a larger group is when you come to a trail intersection, make sure the person behind you is within sight. This ensures no one gets lost or left behind. Our club has never left anyone in the woods or lost anyone because we usually tell people this before every ride.

For those going on the 90 miler this Saturday…since there are some technical spots in it and its a long ride…please refrain from bringing children or inexperienced riders on this one. Please bring extra gas and food if you can (there is a gas station but it only has one pump and the wait can get pretty long).

The 40 miler that is meeting at Wal-Mart in Middlesboro at 8:30 AM should be more kid/new rider friendly. Also, since its a long ride through the middle of nowhere, please make sure your machines are in good working condition. Doing a little prep and doing a quick machine look over can save you from a breakdown a lot of times.

Thanks and see everyone Saturday at 9 AM at Big Lots/Goodys parking lot on Hwy 25E in Middlesboro at 9 AM for the 90 miler, or a 8:30 AM in the Middlesboro Wal-Mart which is also on Hwy 25E. Let’s ride!

Not one but TWO guided rides this weekend, Dec 1st!

Don’t forget…two different off-park rides this upcoming Saturday, December 1st!

We have a 90 miler that is a moderate/challenging ride that will meet in the Goody’s/Big Lots Parking lot in Middlesboro at 9 AM. There is a gas and food stop but we HIGHLY recommend people bring their own snacks and extra gas just in case. This is at least a 9 hour ride, maybe more.

We also have a 40-50 mile easy/moderate level ride that will meet at Wal-Mart in Middlesboro at 8:30 AM. This ride will be back by early evening. No gas stops on this one…Bring food and extra gas if you will need it.

If you’ve never done an off-park ride, you can’t go wrong with either one of these! These may be our last guided rides for 2012 so mark your calendars!

Guided ride on Dec 1

Hey everyone, looks like our next guided ride will be Saturday, December 1st. We will meet in the Goodys/Big Lots Parking Lot in Middlesboro at 9 AM. The ride is a 90 miler between Middlesboro KY and Jellico TN. It is a challenging ride in …several spots, so please dont bring children or inexperienced riders. Bring food and extra gas if needed (there is a gas station stop on the ride but they only have 1 pump, and its better to pack the gas if you can). It includes challenging, tight woods riding, overlooks, a sand cave, a rock bridge, a long gravel straight-away, and the famous Creek Trail. Make sure your machine is in good working condition for this ride. If we get a really big turn out we may split the groups in two.

If you have any questions email us at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com

Notes about World Record Attempts

Hey everyone, here are some things to keep in mind concerning the World Record Attempts at the Haunted Forest Ride. Line ups will beging at 1:30 PM Saturday beside the event area on the side of trail 66. If you could, print these and bring as a reminder if need be. We will be passing them out as well. Suffice to say, trying to organize that many bikes and UTVs will be a challenge…but paying attention to the items listed below hopefully will be clear and easy to understand.

• If you want your name to be included on the new sign that will commemorate the attempts if we are successful, please report to the Holler Crawler tent in the event area anytime on Friday or Saturday before the event. There will be forms at the record attempt area as well at the PA booth and being passed around. You can also sign up after the event is over. It is a short form with only 4 lines of info.
• Once you enter the respective area (either ATV or UTV section), please get in line. We will be lining up in rows and the first people in will go towards the back of each section to line up.
• Once you park before the record attempt, please turn off your machine as we will have announcements.
• Police siren will signal start of parade
• Once the parade starts, please keep a short distance between you and the rider in front of you. If you follow more than two vehicle lengths behind, it could cause disqualification.
• During parade, keep in a single file line.
• Once we pass the cherry picker trucks and the end of the parade route, the parade will be over. People may disperse to event area, campsites, or trails.
• Riders are expected to know and understand Kentucky state ATV laws and understand they are riding at their own risk per KRS 411.190

Event Page updated, download trail map/event schedule

The events page is now fully updated with all information about the 2012 Holler Crawler Haunted Forest Ride. By clicking the events link above you can get the event schedule, download event maps with schedules on them (in Word format), get full details on all the weekends events, as well as camping and parking information.

A few notable updates:* Tickets are selling quick for the Colt Ford concert, so get yours now by clicking the button below that says “Add To Cart”. They are just $15. Wristbands also get you first in line access through the Haunted Trail. Print your receipt with Transaction ID/Confirmation number on it and redeem it either before the event at the Old Pineville Courthouse on the 3rd floor, or redeem it Friday or Saturday at the event (event area or concert area).

* The Haunted Trail Line will go down trail 54, turn right on 56, and on to trail 60 which is the Haunted Trail. People with concert wristbands will line up beginning at 5:30 PM, and people without wristbands who aren’t going to concert will begin lining up at 7 PM.* There are a few piece of important information regarding the World Record Attempts on Saturday at 1:30 PM, please go check it out in the EVENTS link and print out the recommend section for a reminder at event.

If you have any questions feel free to call 606-499-0567 or email us at hollercrawlers@hotmail.com. Thanks!

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