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For the official Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park website, visit www.wildernesstrailoffroadpark.net or click the image below.

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If you have Facebook, please visit www.facebook.com/wildernesstrailoffroadpark and add us!

Cost to ride and primitive camp:
FREE. We hope that the money you save in buying a permit to ride you will instead spend in some of our local businesses.

Rental Houses
Martys ATV Oasis

Trail Maps:
Click here for trail map of Colmar side of park.
Click here for trail map of Hance’s Ridge side of park.
Trail maps can also be picked up at the following places:
     – Exxon Gas Station at intersection of Highway 25E and Highway 119
     – B&N ATV Repair on Highway 25E approx. 3 miles south of Pineville
     – Hart’s Cycle in Middlesboro, KY
     – Tommy’s Motorsports in Middlesboro, KY

Park Rules:
Click here for the park rules.

Area Lodging:
Click here for lodging near Middlesboro, KY.
The closest place to stay near the main trailhead is Pine Mountain State Resort Park, just south of Pineville. They have rooms and cabins, hiking trails, a golf and mini golf course, and a world class lodge and restaurant.
The hotels near Middlesboro are closer to the Colmar parking area.

Directions to Park:
Click here for a google map of the general area of the park and its parking areas.

Main trailhead:
Coming from north: From interstate 75, take exit 29 (Corbin). Take left off the exit and follow Highway 25E approximately 40 miles south. Less than a mile south of Pineville, KY, turn off of Hwy 25E onto Hwy 119. Go approximately 7 miles up Highway 119 and turn right onto the second bridge you pass. It is a very large bridge that spans the Cumberland River and looks like it goes straight into the woods.
Coming from south:Coming north on I75, take the Lafollete/Jacksboro/Caryville exit 134. Take Hwy 63 east about 45 miles. When 63 ends in Harrogate, TN, take a left onto Hwy 25E N. Go through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel to the town of Middlesboro. Coming from the south you are closest to the Colmar parking area. Follow up with the Colmar parking area directions below.

1344 parking area – Follow previous directions, however instead of taking the second bridge to the right up Highway 119, take the first bridge to the right which will be marked Highway 1344. Take the immediate left, then follow 1344 about 5-6 miles. You will come to a point with a grass field and a large gravel parking area on your left. This is the split of the park. You can park here and access the Hances side on your left or the Colmar side on your right.

Colmar parking area – Follow previous directions, except instead of turning on Highway 119, follow 25E south going towards Middlesboro and Cumberland Gap, TN. About 3 miles north of Middlesboro turn onto Highway 188. Go about 4 miles, and when the road comes to a T fork, take the left. Go about 1.5 more miles, the road will fork again, this time in a Y, and you will take the right this time. Follow the road past the ‘End of State Maintenence’ sign to the gravel parking area.

Park Introduction:
To the locals, it has always been known as Mountain Drive.

A pristine stretch of land in eastern BellCounty comprised of beautiful plateaus, roaring mountain streams, and deep hollers.

On top of the mountain you get the feeling of almost being in the old west…on a primitive frontier landscape. Rolling, grassy fields and scrub brush…and yes…even cattle dot the landscape. Wilderness as far as the eye can see. Then you look beyond the pastures and you immediately realize…You’re on top of a mountain! A glance to the north will give you a view of the PineMountain Range…And looking to the south will offer a view of the towering CumberlandMountain range.

Mountain Drive has been extensively mined and beautifully reclaimed over the past half century. After coal and lumber operations ceased on the property, large sections were leveled and reclaimed as pasture land, in an area where flat pasture land was a luxury of the highest degree.

Through the generosity of AsherLand and Mineral, our club has obtained the right to develop 9,000 acres of this property into an off-roaders dream come true. The future park will stretch from the Colmar region in the west to the end of Hances Ridge in the east, with more land hoping to be added down the road to connect in with the already world famous trail riding in Harlan County. The entrance will be the locally-famous “Bridge To Nowhere”…which will now be a Bridge to Somewhere. Somewhere beautiful.

The park is also bordered on the north end by the famous Cumberland River and will be accessible from our trailhead area, where visitors can enjoy some great kayaking an canoeing, as well as river smallmouth and walleye fishing! And speaking of fishing, Mountain Drive also has numerous ponds that contain largemouth bass, bluegill, and crappie, which our visitors can fish on the terms of catch and release. All that is required to enjoy some great fishing is a valid Kentucky fishing license!

As a club we are also planning on developing camping and picnicing areas throughout the property.

Mountain Drive offers riding of all kinds…there is truly something for everyone. For beginning riders, you can cruise for hours upon end on easy, flat gravel roads…taking in the sights of the beautiful mountain ranges on either side and watching all kinds of wild life. For those who enjoy a bit more of a thrill, Mountain Drive also contains miles of wooded trails, ranging from easy to extreme. Pick your poison! We also hope to develop even more mud pits, rock crawling gardens, dirt tracks, and hill climbs!

We hope that you and yours can come visit the beauty of Bell County first hand! Enjoy your stay here at our home in the mountains!

Contact Information:
Jon Grace
Email: jongrace@bcje.com
Phone: 606-302-1943

15 Responsesto “Park”

  1. Kenny Burton says:

    Is this 4 wheel park open now? Do you rent 4 wheelers?

  2. Jon says:

    yes it is open. dont know of anyone in the region the rents fourwheelers, but if you get on the forum and let us know when youre coming down, one of our members may be on the park in their side x side and have an extra seat.

  3. Kenny says:

    Thanks, but need one for my grandson. I’m making him a 4-wheelin’ fan!!

  4. Gordo says:

    If we was to drive motorhomes down and setup base camp at Pine Mountain State Park, could we access your trail system via 4-wheelers from their campgrounds ??

    If not, could u recommend a spot for a small group of campers to setup and ride for a couple of days?

    Thanks gordo

  5. Jon says:

    no, youd have to trailer them over. there is a campground in pathfork and the guy that owns it has said that you can drive directly from his campground to the park though. his name is nathanial howard and you can contact him at 606-664-2196

  6. Lorna Stephan says:

    We have aspot you can put motorhomes and ride into the park.

  7. Tammy Brewer says:

    how can we get a map of the park sent throw the mail?

  8. Jon says:

    Email your address to hollercrawlers@hotmail.com

  9. Eric says:

    We r coming down on September 2nd for a couple days and was wandering if there is anywhere to park a pop up camper where we have direct access to the trails we don’t have to have electric and water hook ups but would be nice

  10. Jon says:


    Visit http://www.martysatv.com or call 606-670-7902

    Great place with direct trail access, very reasonably priced, and great people!

  11. Wally says:

    Does the Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park have primitive camping in the park?

  12. Jon says:

    wally yeah you can primtive camp on the park for free. just please make sure to fully extinguish all campfires. thanks!

  13. Kevin says:

    Hello Jon!!

    So at this point no town around the trails allow atv’s driving into and out of town?? Or motels that can connect to the trails? Let me know

    Thanks. Kevin

  14. Jon says:

    Technically no, there are no ATV legal roads here. Often times the locals do it and dont get in any trouble, but from a strictly legal standpoint, no.

    There are trailside rentals available though at http://www.martysatv.com

    Or you can call Marty at 606-670-7902

  15. Lynn says:

    Exactly what types of vehicles are allowed to ride in the Wilderness offroad park? See on the website about atv, sXs and trucks and jeeps. But no inclusion or exclusion or rail buggies. Can you clarify if they are allowed. I have tried leaving message at that site but no reply yet. Thanks

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